Grants Awarded 2009-2010 School Year

2009-2010: $28,940

Tech Grants:  $17,400

LCD Ceiling   Projector H.S. Chemistry Patty Page
Portable computer projector Jr. High Music Beth Nuss
1 Digital Storytelling Station 6th Gr. Lang. Arts Hillary Sawyer
Document Camera/ LCD Projector 7th Gr.Math Heidi Brown
Document Camera/ LCD Projector 8th Gr. Math Sue Brown
LCD Projector/Document Camera/ Laptop H.S. Biology Michelle Lillibridge
LCD Projector/Document Camera/9 AverPens/Laptop 4th Grade Amy Swan
 LCD Projector/Document Camera/9 AverPens/Laptop 5th Grade Lisa Niewold
LCD Projector/   ActivBoard/Activotes/ Laptop 1st Grade Kelly Neukomm


PBL Grant

Leveled Library      $4,000     Jr. High Problem-Solving Team


LCD Projector



Steve Waugh

Document Camera


H.S. English

Dawn Houser

Opportunity for Change Grants: $5,840

Assistive   Technology/Adapted CD


8th Grade Special   Ed.

Meredith O’Hara

Panther Math League Program


6th-8th Grade Math Rob Pacey
Wireless Listening Center


1st Grade Reading Kelly Neukomm
4 portfolio carts/hanging files


6th-7th Gr. Lang. Arts Hillary Sawyer
Kindle E-Reader


6th Grade Katrina Reber
Kindle E-Reader


6th Grade Jessica Hendershot


8th Grade Charley Kietzman


7th Grade Raquel Eshleman


6th Grade Jodie Coplea
Leap Frog Letter Factory


Kindergarten Trent Eshleman
Writing Centers


all of 5th Grade Lisa Niewold
E-Book Readers


High School Library David Harber
 Classroom Library of World Literature


12th Grade English Nancy Streitmatter