Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ BlocksWe have compiled a short list of our most frequently asked questions to answer any questions you may have. If there are questions that are not answered, please feel free to use our contact page and we will be happy to answer any issues you may have.  

What is the purpose of the Foundation?

The PBL Education was formed to provide a long-term program to generate and distribute resources within the school district. In addition, the Foundation will enhance the district’s educational profile within all of our communities.

Who runs the Foundation?

The PBL Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, currently comprised of 17 community volunteers representing all communities in the PBL School District. This Board reflects the various interests and constituencies that exist within our district.

How does this Foundation differ from other community and non-profit organizations within the school district?

Although other worthwhile foundations and non-profit groups do exist, there are none that have been established with the primary goal of offering long-term fiscal enhancement to local public education programs at all grade levels (K-12) and in all academic subject areas.

What is the relationship between the Foundation and the school board?

The Foundation is independent of the school district and is governed accordingly. School board members are elected to set district policy. Foundation trustees are volunteers committed to identifying and cultivating donations and gifts for the school district to use to enhance educational programs.

The District Superintendent and one PBL School Board member sit on the Foundation Board to assure that common visions and goals are carried out smoothly.

The Foundation will solicit ideas from its trustees, the school administration and faculty, and from representatives of all PBL district communities.

How will the gifts the Foundation receives be used?

Funds are used to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for all staff and students (K-12) beyond the normal limits of the school district’s operating budget. Many educational foundations in our state donate funds to technology, fine arts, resource and equipment purchases, special events and performances, classroom and interdisciplinary mini-grants, staff training scholarships, and curriculum program recognition. These type of activities will be supported within program guidelines and priorities established by the Foundation Board with community and faculty input.

What types of gifts or contributions are commonly made to foundations and how are they made?

Most funds are raised through individual and corporate donations, annual giving campaigns, special-event fundraising events, and outside grant applications.
Contributions may be made in a variety of forms in addition to cash. Some examples are:

  • memorial gifts naming the Foundation as a will beneficiary
  • bequests and charitable trusts stocks
  • insurance policies
  • real estate 
  • artwork
  • antiques

Will anyone benefit from the PBL Education Foundation in addition to the students and staff?

Yes, our communities will become more aware of our school district’s educational goals and programs. Also, the school board and administration will be able to offer its staff the motivation and funding to try necessary innovative programs in the classroom. The Foundation can facilitate increased school and community partnerships as well. Some enrichment and special event programs may be open to the public at large, benefiting all ages in the PBL service area.

How can I (we) get involved to help the PBL Foundation carry out this important mission?

Donations of time, talents, and resources are vital to the Foundation’s success. Community volunteers are needed to help carry out the Foundation’s fundraising events, annual giving campaign, ongoing promotional and district/faculty appreciation events, and special projects and grant programs.

How will I benefit from contributing to the Foundation?

In addition to being tax-deductible (foundations are formed under the laws of the State of Illinois and qualify as a tax-exempt public organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code), your gift will help our school district build on its strengths to offer all students a broader range of opportunities than is possible by tax support alone. A strong school system is an essential component of a strong community and the PBL Education Foundation is committed to enhancing quality of life in the Roberts, Loda, Buckley, and Paxton communities by offering supplementary support to the PBL Community Unit School District #10.

Who is eligible to contribute to the Foundation?

Individual citizens, alumni, current and retired staff members, service organizations, businesses, vendors, manufacturing and utility companies, businesses, other foundations and philanthropic groups.

Tax-deductible donations or inquiries may be sent to:

PBL Education Foundation
P.O. Box 192
Paxton, IL 60957

Phone: 217-395-2450

Or you may Contact us by using the provided form.