Innovation Grants

As part of a continuous effort to supplement and expand learning opportunities for students in the PBL School District, the PBL Education Foundation tries to encourage innovative thinking. The Foundation generally awards up to THREE $1,000 innovation grant requests each year. The grant may be used for new programs and projects, or it can be used for equipment if the applicant can show how the purchase will significantly enhance an existing program and/or provide an opportunity for developing new programs.

Staff members who apply for an innovation grant will have the opportunity to attend the selection committee meeting to present their proposals. The selection committee will make recommendation to the full Foundation board who will vote on the recipients.

Selection Criteria:

Proposals must address the school district’s priorities, as identified by the superintendent, building principals, or school improvement team(s).


  • Innovative/creative projects.
  • Student achievement, language arts, math, social science, science, fine arts, health/P.E.
  • Technology
  • Professional development
  • Community partnership
  • Interdisciplinary approach/number of students impacted by the grant


A maximum of $1,000 will be awarded to the PBL School District for any ONE grant proposal. The grant funds could be used as seed money for a project/program that would be prioritized in the future school district’s budget. Innovation grant money may also be used for equipment. All materials, equipment, and purchased services awarded by the PBL Education Foundation shall be considered property of the PBL CommunityUnit School District #10. Applicants whose grant projects are approved may be asked to prepare a written evaluation upon completion of the project. All funded grant projects will be publicized.

Grant Application: