Tech Grants

The Foundation has budgeted $15,000 for Tech Grants this year. The grant must be used for programs and projects which enhance or supplement the educational opportunities for all learners in the PBL Community Unit #10 School District.

Certified staff members may submit proposals to the Foundation Board of Trustees. Before submitting your application, you need to attain the approval of your principal.

Selection Criteria

Proposals must address the school district’s priorities, as identified by the superintendent, building principals, or school improvement team(s).


  • Student achievement, language arts, math, social science, science, fine arts, health/P.E.
  • Innovation in the use of technology as a teaching tool
  • Professional development
  • Community partnership
  • Interdisciplinary approach/number of students impacted by the grant

The Foundation is looking for grant applicants who are leading their colleagues into the future in terms of the tools they use in their teaching. The Foundation reserves the right to determine the number of grants awarded and the amount of each grant. If the trustees feel that a proposal has exceptional merit, they may award the entire $10,000 to one applicant.


  • Applications are due by January 10, 2014in the Superintendent’s Office
  • PBL Education Foundation will hold a special meeting in which the staff members who are applying for a tech grant will have the opportunity to give a 3-5 minutes presentation about their tech grant.
  • Grants will be awarded in February.

Grant Application:

You may use the the attached Word application or you may use the online submission form.

Tech Grant Application