The PBL Education Foundation is willing to administer scholarships for donors in two different categories:

Sponsored Scholarships

The first is a Sponsored Scholarship that is named for a person or organization. A minimum of $5,000 is required to establish this type of scholarship. A three-year commitment is required with a minimum of one $1,000 scholarship to be awarded per year. The Foundation charges a 10 percent administration fee for administering this scholarship. Administration includes providing scholarship information via the the Foundation’s website, the high school counselor’s office, and local newspapers; preparing an application blank appropriate for students to use in the application process; collecting the applications by the specified due date; “blinding” the returned applications so that the selection group is not biased either for or against a candidate based on their name; scheduling a meeting of judges to make the selection of the winner. Any input that donors choose to make in any of the above steps is encouraged. Winners are announced at the Annual Senior Awards Ceremony which is held on an evening close to the end of each school year. The Education Foundation sponsors a formal reception for students, their parents, and guests who attend this ceremony. Donors are invited to make the presentation of their scholarship to the winner or a Foundation Board member will do so.

At the present time, the Education Foundation administers the following sponsored scholarships:

Farmers-Merchants National Bank Scholarship

Virginia Graham Memorial Scholarship

Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship

If you are interested in having the Education Foundation administer a scholarship established in someone’s name, please contact the Foundation at:

PBL Education Foundation
P.O. Box 192
Paxton, IL 60957


General Fund Scholarships

The second type of scholarship is a General Scholarship Fund. This requires a minimum of $500 donation to the General Scholarship Fund. Once the General Scholarship Fund reaches $1,000, a scholarship will be awarded. Any money not adding up to $1,000 increments is reinvested and used for the next calendar year. The Foundation charges a 10 percent administration fee for handling this scholarship.