Harvest For Tomorrrow

What is Harvest for Tomorrow? The Harvest for Tomorrow is a fundraising initiative created by the Paxton-Buckley-Loda Education Foundation to provide farmers with an easy way to help students at every grade level in the PBL Schools keep abreast of the ever-changing world of technology.

How does Harvest for Tomorrow Work? It’s simple.  When a farmer delivers grain to one of the area elevators, he/she can tell them to donate 100 bushels–or any other amount–to the PBL Education Foundation. The elevator will take care of the rest. The grain will be sold immediately, and a check will be issued to the Foundation, with an indication of who donated the grain. Donors will receive a letter from the Foundation thanking them for the gift. Because the grain is sold in the Foundation’s name, the amount of the donation will not be included in the farmer’s taxable income. This is an especially attractive method of making a charitable donation for those not eligible to itemize their deductions.

What exactly do we mean when we say technology? The first thing everyone thinks about when we hear the term technology is computers. But, it’s not just about computers. It’s about almost every piece of equipment that you can think of using in a school setting. None of it is the same as most of us remember from our school days, and it continues to change at a rate that many of us find hard to grasp. The need for new technology in our schools will never end. It’s not something that we can pay for one year and then not worry about for several years. School districts are having a very difficult time–especially in this state. We cannot depend entirely on government funding. Other sources must be found. Every bushel of corn or beans that is sold in the Foundation’s name will help improve the educational opportunities for students in our school district.

Wagon owned by Jim Biggs
Harvesting at the Jarboe farm